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Istanbul Marathon

İstanbul Maraton sets place every year in Istanbul on the second Sunday of November. There are 3 different categories of races consisting of a 10 km, a 15 km and a 42 km runs. To get more detailed info about the run click here. Unfortunately the page is in Turkish but they have an English helping tool as well.

Hayat Sende Association has been participating and collecting donations through İstanbul Marathon since 2015. You can click here to create your own campaign! The website is in Turkish but there is a step by step explanation of the process below. If you would like to create a campaign you can contact us whenever you like through and we can send you a translation of the donation page as well.

You can create your campaign by following the steps listed below.

1. Click on the link.

2. Click on Kampanyanı Başlat, which means start your campaign.

3. Here you need to create an account or log in via Facebook. (If you would like to create a new account you need to click on Kayit Ol, otherwise you can click on the Facebook link)

4. After creating your account click on Kampanya Yarat (create a new campaign).

5. Here for Kampanya Başlığı (campaign title) write İstanbul Marathon and below shortly describer why you created this campaign.

6. The ticked box on this page says that you are going to use the default image for your campaign, if you would like to change it you can select the one below and upload another image.

7. Kampanyamin Hedefi Var means that my campaign has a goal. By clicking that you can set a goal (money amount) for your campaign.

8. Toplam Bagisi Gizle means hide the total donation amount and Bagisci Listesini Gizle means hide the list of donors.

9. Below you can leave a message for us.

10. Finally click on Kampanyamı Oluştur (create my campaign) and wait for it to be approved by Hayat Sende.

11. Congratulations you have created a campaign for İstanbul Marathon by sharing the link for your campaign you can easily collect donations.

You can create resources for NGOs through such events as runs.

With this method, runners can let their friends and family know about the campaign they created for the run before the run via email, social media or even a text. In their anouncements they can name the NGO that they are supporting. By doing this runners can persuade their surroundings for donating and can spread the idea of donation and charity. The donations are directly deposited to a bank account of Hayat Sende set for specific projects.

Istanbul Maratonu helps us not only in collecting donations but it also provides us with an amzing opportunity to raise awareness about an issue we care about. By collecting doations we raise awareness and help in the solution of a problem we care about.

By sharing the link of your campaign through social media or email with your friends you can start collecting donations. You can see who made donations for you by loging into your runner profile anytime you like and see how much is left until you reach your target.

Fonzip Kampanya system automatically delivers donation certificates to everybody who has donated for your cause.

For detailed information you can email