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We make excellent use of your donations to Hayat Sende Association by making effective touches on the lives of children in state care.

It may be small for you, but be sure that we make a difference for them with the expertise we have developed over many years.

We work with Fonzip, an establishment with one of the most important secure financial technology infrastructure, so that you can make your donations with your credit card in a reliable manner with ease of mind.

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Hayat Sende is a member of Turkey's Tranparency Platform ‘Açık Açık’. Please click here to see our declarations in Açık Açık.

I am grateful to you for providing scholarship and mentorship opportunities to us so that we can continue our lives with better opportunities.

Unlike my other friends I have spent my scholarship mostly on music acitvities and contests abroad. By this means I had the opportunity to experience various cultures and had the opportunity to develop myself in an international context. I saw the place of music in the world.

 Your donations were a gateway for me to develop myself culturally and get a new perspective on life.

 For this I thank you one-by-one for every donation you have made.

I wish your donations keep providing wonderful opportunities for children in state care as they did to me...