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As Hayat Sende, we provided scholarship support to 40 teenagers who were raised under protection and continue university education.

Our goal in 2018 is to provide scholarship support to 75 young people with the support of you.

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Hayat Sende is member of Turkey Tranparency Platform ‘Açık Açık’. Please click here to see our declarations in Açık Açık.

Vakıfbank Hesap Numaramız

Dollar Account:

IBAN NO: TR46 0001 5001 5804 8016 6437 49
Type: Drawing USD Account

Euro Account:

IBAN NO: TR46 0001 5001 5804 8016 6901 15
Branch :

Type: Drawing Euro Account

Please do not forget to indicate Hayat Sende Gençlik Akademisi Derneği as the recipient when making the donation.

The scholarship you provided has become stepping stone for my future. I didn't spend it yet because I needed to save it for a more important part in my future. You have helped me save my money, paid my first rent and saved me from a dangerous month. I would love to be a part of Hayat Sende Association, support activities and activities and most importantly be a part of your organization, when I get my life on track. Thank you for taking me under your wings this period. We always need good-hearted people like you.


In our freshman year our drawing classes had started and I didn't have a computer. I had to constantly keep studying in order to keep up with the difficulty of our department. Our course book could be rather expensive. Thinking about all this I can clearly see the support Hayat Sende has provided.

During those periods I have encountered with Hayat Sende Association. We have met, spoke. They gave me computer. They gave me a scholarship. That is how I met Hayat Sende. I bought my course books with my scholarship, prepared for my courses and I can easily do drawings now. Their support was never limited to financial support, I have also seen incredible moral support from them. They have taken care of me. Listened to me. Provided an internship for me during Summer. They have always guided me. They have never withold their support and always helped me.