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Hayat Sende Summer Camp Thrill!

Hayat Sende Summer Camp Thrill!

Hayat Sende Summer Camp Thrill!

The summer camp is one of three main pillars of Runners of Toward Future Project. Other two are scholarship and mentoring support. The summer camp will include training programs on communication, advocacy, social campaign design, volunteering, social entrepreneurship etc. Goal of the camp is to facilitate the adaptation of young university students who live in state care to social life with equal and strong footing. Hayat Sende’s 47 scholarship holders will be participants of the camp.

The summer camp, which used to be named as “YUGLA” and “KAGA” “Koruma Altındaki Gençler Akademisi”, is one of the traditional and annual activities of Hayat Sende so the same success and efficiency will be the target in the summer of 2018.


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Yazar Hayat Sende

Hayat  Sende
Devlet koruması altındaki çocuk ve gençlerin hayata eşit, güçlü ve ayrımcılığa uğramadan atıldığı bir dünya için Hayat Sende...

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