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Foster Care Around the World

Foster Care Around the World

Foster Care Around the World

In 2017 November, Rumeysa Bozdemir from Hayat Sende (Turkey) and Julie Todd from the CINDI Network (South Africa) represented Family for Every Child at the International Foster Care Organisation (IFCO) conference in Malta. The theme of the conference was “Setting Sail from a Safe Port” emphasising the importance of giving children in care the same opportunities and access to services as other children and thus helping to build strong foundations to enable them to achieve their potential.

Rumeysa - I learned more about foster care in the West and the key differences with the Turkish model. Unfortunately, there was a lack of presentations about family-based care for refugees, which is a topic very relevant to our context in Turkey. I learned that no system is perfect, but if good measures are taken, more harm is prevented. At Hayat Sende, we will therefore aim to focus on the blind spots of the system that we are trying to develop in Turkey.

Julie - The unique delegate mix of practitioners, researchers, foster-carers, youth, care-leavers and foster children made for an interesting discourse and provided a holistic perspective on foster care. Learning about the extent of institutional care still common in Europe was an eye opener and reminded me again how much work still needs to be done on a global level in promoting alternative family-based care for children in need.


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